vitamin b12 shot

The B12 Shot is a high dose, intra-muscular injection of this necessary and important vitamin. Vitamin B12 is vital in the production of red blood cells, helps to develop the coating that protects our nerves, and boosts energy and concentration levels.


  • Increases energy and metabolism

  • Enhances neurological health

  • Minimizes seasonal and environmental allergies

  • Enhances cardiovascular health



How does it work?

Vitamin B12 has long been regarded as a key element in supporting healthy body processes. B12 Shots contribute to metabolism, helping the body create and use energy. It is also a vital player in the nervous system, contributing to the creation of red blood cells and the replication of DNA and protein. 


What can I expect during the treatment?

B12 shots are a quick and easy way to increase your vitamin levels. A needle is quickly inserted in the deltoid muscle of the upper arm. Like any injection, there is some discomfort during the treatment, but it is minimal.


What are the results?

Usually, results are felt within the first shot and the effects will last up to a week. If a person is very deficient in B12 or has high levels of stress, the benefits from the shot may last up to 3-4 days.


Is it Safe?

Yes, Vitamin B12 is water soluble, so there is no concern about toxicity. There may be some tenderness around the injection site which will subside quickly.


How can I get a b12 shot at The Beauty Method?

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