What Can a Chemical Peel Do for Me?

Chemical peels might sound scary, and we understand why—the ones they used to do back in the nineties left skin raw and literally peeling for days afterward. However, this is no longer the case, and chemical peels are now much more like facials. While many people think they need a fancy laser treatment to improve their skin, sometimes a chemical peel is the solution you’ve been searching for the entire time. Read on to learn more from Become MedSpa, and call us to learn more about our facials today!
Peels cause a chain reaction in your skin.
Within minutes of your peel, the chemicals begin pulling away dead skin cells. As the top layer disappears, the living cells below know to begin multiplying and move to the surface. This increases your collagen production and can actually make your skin act younger. Of course, this immediate dead skin cell removal also leads to smoother skin that is more receptive to your skin products. If you have nice creams and washes to enhance your natural radiance, they will certainly work better after a chemical peel.
Peels are very low-risk. 
Even if you have sensitive skin, you can find a peel that will be safe to use without any concern about hyperpigmentation (which is a concern for those with darker skin). Our professionals know what percentage of acid gives the best results, and we know how to boost collagen production without damaging the skin. We can tailor our peels to meet your skin’s needs. Feel free to express your concerns when we meet so that we can adjust whatever we need to. Your comfort and skin’s health matter the most to us!
Peels can eliminate acne and acne scarring.
These peels often contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, lactic acid, and resorcinol. These ingredients unclog all your pores while eliminating blackheads. It can even fade any of your existing acne scars by boosting the collagen production and encouraging new skin cells to grow! The salicylic acid lingers behind in the pores where it keeps them clear for longer than just a typical facial. In fact, even pitted acne scars can sometimes be treated with peels. 
Peels can keep melasma under control.
This condition is brought on by hormonal surges that cause dark patches in the skin from sun exposure. While there is not a permanent cure to melasma, chemical peels can help lessen the effects and keep your skin’s tone balanced and equal. You may need to combine other products to help with this process, but again, chemical peels often heighten how receptive our skin is to other products. Give yourself the best skin possible! 
A peel can help lighten your dark undereye circles.
While having a chemical peel near your eyes might sound a little worrisome, it can actually help lighten hereditary dark circles. The acid is driven in deeply where it can lessen the irritation felt underneath your eyes. You may need a few treatments to see this result, but it can be worth it for the amount of time and money spent daily on concealer alone. 
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