How Cryotherapy Can Heal You

Cryotherapy may seem strange to those who have never used it before, but you would actually be surprised to learn that almost everyone has technically used cryotherapy on themselves. The word essentially just means “cold therapy,” which you have probably done when you iced a twisted ankle. The typical RICE regimen—rest, ice, compression, and elevation—is used often to repair soft tissue musculoskeletal injuries. Athletes will take ice baths to soothe their muscles after a difficult workout, and anyone with an injury will used a bag filled with ice to reduce swelling and alleviate pain. While these are effective methods of treating your pain, they are often inconvenient, a little bit messy, and difficult to remember to do once the pain fades away. Those who become less strict about the RICE routine often see a longer healing time!

The good news is, technology has provided us with an excellent alternative to the traditional ice pack. Cryotherapy chambers, like what we have at Become MedSpa in Long Island, now deliver more therapeutic and isolated benefits that can help you speed your body’s healing and return back to the active lifestyle you had before. Cold therapy can lead to:

  • Decreased pain

  • Decreased swelling

  • Less frequent muscles spasms in both injured and non-injured areas

  • Reduced edema formation

  • Lowered metabolic activity and need for oxygen, which can improve your tissue healing response

  • Quicker and more efficient cooling of the injured site. This reduces the temperature and alleviates pain.

  • Reduced need for pain medication, as the cold can numb the pain

  • Heightened lymphatic drainage, which can improve healing time

  • Increased blood flow and oxygen to the injury, meaning that the recovery of damaged tissue is sped up

  • Faster recovery time after a workout, meaning sore tissues heal quicker

The freezing temperatures of the cryotherapy chamber send the body into “survival mode” and allows your body to focus its blood flow on your most important organs. This sends them more oxygen and nutrients. Once you leave the chamber, your body returns to normal, sending this enriched blood back to the rest of your body.

This blood flow can also improve your skin’s appearance, as well. The effects are practically immediate. You feel a healthy glow, better circulation, and long term boost of collagen. Those who are looking to achieve more youthful skin may see the benefits after just a few treatments.

Many people report feeling a rush of endorphins and energy after the treatment that lasts for hours. It can lead to heightened focus and awareness as well.

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