Kybella FAQs

For those of you who want to avoid invasive methods of double chin removal, you are in luck. Become MedSpa proudly offers Kybella treatments! Kybella is, at its core, a shot that dissolves fat. Today, we would like to answer some of the basic questions we see about Kybella and what you can expect. 
What is Kybella and how does it work?
Kybella was designed to be identical to deoxycholic acid, which our bodies naturally produce to absorb fats. Kybella works by destroying fat cells, but it can also damage other cells if it is not used correctly. That is why it is essential to see a professional for this treatment. However, it is a great alternative to liposuction. 
Why choose Kybella?
Studies have shown that more than 80 percent of people with double chins are concerned about their appearance. The treatment was created to address this concern and meet this need without having to go through an invasive procedure like liposuction. 
How many rounds of treatment do you need?
This depends on the person, but people who choose Kybella need anywhere from 12 to 20 injections per visit. Some people need about two to three visits total which are spread one month apart from one another. Each treatment takes about 15 minutes. However, some people choose to get up to 50 injections in a single treatment and receive up to six treatments total in order to achieve the maximum results possible. Most people see results within two to four treatments!
Can it tighten skin?
Unfortunately, no. The purpose of Kybella is solely to melt fat. However, some people do note that they have a tightening effect, but we cannot say this is true of everyone. The fat melting properties can last you several years, however! 
Are there any side effects?
There can be, but they are usually pretty minor and typical of any such injection. For example, bruising, numbness, swelling, and a little tenderness around the injection sites are common right after the procedure. However, these do resolve themselves over time. It is possible to have a more severe side effect, including an injury to the marginal mandibular nerve. This is what helps you control your facial expressions, which can lead to an off-balance smile. However, this only happens when the shot is administered too close to the nerve. Also, this reaction is not permanent and can be avoided when choosing a professional. 
Can Kybella work in other parts of the body?
At the moment, it is only approved for the chin and neck area. Kybella does not work well on love handles or muffin tops and has been shown to be most effective in smaller areas.
Is Kybella the right choice for me?
This all depends! We highly recommend that you consult your doctor before choosing Kybella treatments. If you are bothered by the fullness under your chin and you would like to avoid surgery, be sure to ask about Kybella treatments. You can also schedule a consultation with one of our professionals to assess whether or not you would be a good Kybella candidate. 
What is the difference between Kybella and liposuction?
If you have a small area of fat that you would like to shape, then Kybella is an excellent alternative to liposuction. Kybella usually takes two to four sessions to see lasting results. Liposuction usually only requires one to two sessions, but this means that you would need to undergo surgery, and many people find that they are left with scars after their liposuction treatment. Kybella will not leave scars, as it is administered through a very small needle. 
What is Kybella recovery like?
There will likely be some swelling right after your treatment, but this fades after a few days and should be gone entirely within the week. After the third day, others are very unlikely to notice any swelling. If you are concerned, feel free to wear a scarf or something else to camouflage. 
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