Wrinkle Causes and Treatments

Everyone ages, and unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to stop that clock from ticking. However, when it comes to skincare and our appearance, there is a lot we can do to both prevent and treat our wrinkles! At Become MedSpa, we offer several options that are perfect for smoothing out those fine lines and revealing a more youthful and radiant you. Read on to learn more about what causes wrinkles, as well as what some of the best treatment options are.

What are Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are defined as the lines and creases that develop in your skin over time. These lines may be faint, or they may become deep crevices or furrows that grow more noticeable over time around your eyes, your mouth, and your neck.

What Causes Wrinkles?

Wrinkles will arise from a variety of causes. Some are preventable while other are not, and that is okay! Here are some of the major factors:

  • Age: Of course, age is the number one factor that causes wrinkles. Our skin become less elastic over the years and more fragile as a result. Your body decreases its production of your natural oils, which quickly dries out your skin and makes it appear to be more wrinkled. Also, the fat in the deeper layers of your skin diminishes over time, which can lead to loose skin as well as more defined lines and crevices.

  • Exposure to UV rays and sunlight: Ultraviolet radiation, the natural rays that come from our sun, speeds up the natural aging process. In fact, it is the primary cause of early wrinkling. As your skin is exposed to UV light, the light begins to break down the connective tissues in your skin: collagen and elastin fibers. Without these supportive, connective tissues, your skin loses both flexibility and strength. As a result, you will notice wrinkling and premature sagging.

  • Smoking: Smoking will speed up the normal aging process of your skin, which leads to wrinkles. Many experts believe this is because of the changes in blood supply to your skin.

  • Repeated Facial Expressions: You naturally make facial movements and expressions during your day-to-day life, including squinting or smiling. These movements will inevitably lead to wrinkles and fine lines. Every time you use a facial muscle, a small groove is created underneath the skin’s surface. As you age, the skin loses the flexibility it needs in order to spring back to the way it was before. After awhile, these grooves become permanent on your face.

How Can You Treat Wrinkles?

You have a few options when it comes to smoothing out those fine lines. There are two types of medications you can use: topical retinoids and nonprescription wrinkle creams. Retinoids are derived from vitamin A, and they can be applied to your face to reduce any splotches, skin roughness, and fine wrinkles. However, keep in mind that retinoids can make your skin burn easily. If you choose to use them, you will need to use broad-spectrum sunscreen daily and wear protective clothes. As for wrinkle creams, the effectiveness depends on the ingredients. However, the effects are pretty short-lived and limited since the active ingredients need to be below a certain level in order for them to be available without a prescription.

There are other techniques available that may have more lasting results! For example, you can choose:

  • Laser, radiofrequency, and light source treatments

  • Chemical peels

  • Dermabrasion

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Botulinum toxin type A (Botox)

  • Soft tissue fillers

  • Skin tightening

  • Face-lift

In our next blog, we will go into more of the details surrounding the different types of wrinkle treatments you can try and what some of the effects may be. Keep in mind that each treatment will vary depending on your skin specifically, where your wrinkles are location, and the depth of the wrinkles.

Keep in mind that there are many over-the-counter wrinkle creams that lotions that claim they can reduce or reverse sun damage to skin. However, the FDA classifies these products as cosmetics, and therefore do not do as much testing for safety nor effectiveness before they hit the shelves. You can always read reviews online before purchasing an over-the-counter product.

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