laser hair removal

By utilizing some of the fastest, safest, and most effective technology currently on the market, The Beauty Method laser hair removal targets unwanted facial and body hair with pinpoint focus. This allows the hair to be removed from inside the follicle.


  • Permanently reduce unwanted facial & body hair

  • Great for all skin types & most hair types

  • No surgery & no downtime

  • Long-lasting results

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How does it work?

Laser Hair Removal harnesses its laser energy to target the follicles of unwanted hair. The laser energy is attracted to the pigment of the hair, helping to make the treatment exacting in its removal of the unwanted hair. The hair follicle is permanently damaged by the laser and hair growth is reduced.


What can I expect during the treatment?

The laser will pulse for only a fraction of a second to target the hair follicles. That quick pulse is just long enough to damage the follicle. You will start to see the unwanted hair fall out about 14-21 days after the treatment. What’s great is laser hair removal can be used just about anywhere on the body, except for around the eyes.


What are the results?

Laser hair removal is long-lasting and permanent. Most people who get laser hair removal see about an 80-90% reduction in hair growth in the treated area. Please note that life events like pregnancy, menopause, hormonal conditions, and even taking certain medications can trigger new hair growth. However, this new hair growth will be lighter in color and finer in texture.


Is it Safe?

Yes, laser hair removal is completely safe. You may see a little redness after the treatment. Some people may even see a slight pigment change to their skin, but this is very rare. If you are taking acne medication, are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, consult with your doctor before booking a laser hair removal appointment.


How can I begin with Laser hair removal at the beauty method?

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