Becoming increasingly popular for its natural-looking transformation of your eyebrows, microblading (also called eyebrow embroidery) presses semi-permanent pigment into your skin to create fine lines that mimic the growth of your existing brows. The result is bold, natural-looking eyebrows.


  • Fills in any brow gaps & bald spots

  • Creates brow length & size symmetry

  • Minimally invasive & virtually painless




How does it work?

Using a sterile, disposable microblade, your aesthetician will press semi-permanent pigment into the surface of your skin to create fine lines that mimic your brows’ natural hair pattern. Your natural eyebrow hair will be enhanced to fuller, natural-looking, bold eyebrows.


What can I expect? 

We offer a numbing cream to make the treatment painless and easy. After your aesthetician finishes your treatment, the pigment will look sharp and dark. Don’t worry! The pigment will soften gradually—within a few days, the treated skin heals and naturally exfoliates. After that, the true color emerges and you will see fuller, natural-looking eyebrows.


What are the results?

Your eyebrows will look symmetrical, filled in, and natural. Since fading happens naturally over time, we recommend you schedule a touchup once a year so your eyebrows continue to look full. Microblading results can last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on your skin type and lifestyle.


Is microblading safe?

Yes! According to The American Academy of Micropigmentation, microblading is considered a very safe procedure. Your eyebrows may feel a little tender for a few days following the treatment, and in very rare cases there may be some minor bleeding or bruising. Talk to us if you have any concerns.


How can I begin with MICROBLADING at The Beauty Method?

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