Eliminate body fat from stubborn areas with TrimFreeze, a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that utilizes heating and cooling technology to permanently eliminate unwanted body fat.



SEE RESULTS quickly (as soon as 6 WEEKS)






How long does a TrimFreeze treatment take?

This really depends on the area being treated and how thick its tissue is. Most sessions are quick—about 45-60 minutes long.


When can I expect to start seeing results?

Be patient—it does pay off! Many clients see results in the targeted area as soon as 3-4 weeks after the treatment. The most dramatic improvements are most likely to be seen within 3 months after the treatment.


Are the results permanent?

Yes! TrimFreeze destroys the targeted fat cells, and once those cells are destroyed they leave the body and do not return.


How much downtime is required after the treatment?

Are you ready for this? There is no downtime! Following your TrimFreeze treatment, you can resume your normal activities. This includes work and exercise!


What are the side effects of treatment? 

Please note the side effects of TrimFreeze are normal, and may include: numbness, tingling, redness, and bruising. Rest assured, these side effects last only for a short period of time.


Will I feel any pain? 

It depends on the person, but most clients enjoy the heated part of the treatment. When the treatment switches to cold, some clients feel a little uncomfortable with the drop in temperature. Don’t worry! The discomfort you may feel typically goes away after the first few minutes into either part of the treatment (hot or cold).


How many treatments will I need? 

Again, this really does depend on the area being treated and the person—the number of treatments needed will vary. You will see results after a single treatment, but the best improvements are seen after 3-4 treatments. Here at The Beauty Method, we typically recommend you wait two months between treatments to assess how many more treatments are really needed.


How can I begin with TrimFreeze at The Beauty Method?

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