Beauty woman botox injections.
Beauty woman botox injections.

Skincare for the modern lifestyle


Skincare for the modern lifestyle

The Beauty Method is designed to give every individual a customized experience. Together, we come up with a method tailored to your lifestyle and skin care needs. We want you to feel valued the minute you walk through our door while achieving your desired results.



Our Services

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Signature & HydraFacials customized just for you!


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Treat Acne, Brown Spots, Wrinkles & Redness


Woman in healthy beauty spa salon

Choose from Waxing & Laser


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Try Botox, Fillers & PRP with our expert Injectors!




Memberships & Methods

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Our Skin Care Memberships & Skin Correction Methods are designed for your skin & lifestyle


Meet the team


"It's not just about looking good, it's about you feeling confident in your skin. We're here to inspire, to coach, and to help you achieve that confidence."


Meet Kimbra

Meet Kimbra


"Achieving healthy skin takes more than one procedure--it's about incorporating it into your lifestyle. I created The Beauty Method after spending years in the medical and spa settings, listening to my clients' concerns, and developing methods they could easily adapt into their lifestyles. Try one of our Signature Methods and meet The Beauty Method family!"

~  Kimbra


Our Method

Our Method

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Who you are and what you need is most important to us.


Our methods are tailored to your specific lifestyle and skincare needs.


You'll find it easy to implement our results-oriented treatments into your busy life.



 "Treat your skin to The Beauty Method! Starting with our methods and maintaining with our at-home skincare, you'll see a difference that leaves you feeling fresh and confident."

~ Kimbra